Playful activities in the learning of geometric notions in children of initial, Callao

Carla Marilia Ayala Valladares, Juana Maria Cruz Montero, Angel Salvatierra Melgar


The main purpose of the research was to determine the effects of the program of ludic activities for the learning of geometry in children of five years in all their dimensions orientation and location, geometric shapes and measurement, through its components: location in space, identify locations and positions of objects, identify and characterize geometric figures and communicate the qualities of these, likewise identify, classify magnitudes and use various measuring instruments. The type of research was applied, with a quasi-experimental design, the population was constituted by 103 children, and a non-probabilistic sample was used for convenience with a sample of 51 children, divided into two control and experimental groups. The geometry instrument was used to collect information. The favorable effect of the program of playful activities in the learning of geometric notions in children of initial - Callao, 2018 was determined.


Playful, notions, geometry, learning

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