The Director's Pedagogical Leadership and its incidence in Teaching Performance

Lilia Máxima Navarrete Paredes, Isabel Menacho Vargas, Estrella Esquiagola Aranda, Yrene Uribe Hernández


The objective of this research was to establish the relationship between the pedagogical leadership of the director and the teaching performance in Educational Institution N ° 7062 in San Juan de Miraflores 2017. The non-experimental research design is transectional: causal correlational descriptive, the method used was the hypothetical deductive, the approach used was the quantitative since it only used data collection to test hypotheses, assigning numerical values to the statements to establish patterns of behavior, the instruments were two questionnaires, the technique used was the survey. The general results of the Chi-square agreement of the table indicate that the data of the variable are not independent, implying the dependence of the variable on the other. The results indicate that the behavior of the teaching performance depends on 56.5% of the pedagogical leadership; that is to say, teachers who perceive that the director has good pedagogical leadership influence their performance to be good, according to the Nagelkerke coefficient (0.565).


Teacher performance; Management leadership; competences learning achievements

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