Didactic Technology in Training Researchers [Tecnología didáctica en la formación de investigadores]

Aquila Priscila Montañez Huancaya, Norma Nancy Montañez Huancaya, Rosa Guillermina Dolorier Zapata, Eusebio Arainga Blas


The didactic technology is a necessary hybridization for the training of researchers. On the one hand, the didactic provides the validated processes for the teaching and learning process of the research based on the presence, experience and expertise of the researcher; and on the other hand, technology provides online statistical tools, programs for the analysis of qualitative data, which are the essential elements that new researchers of science should have. This article reflects on the incorporation of didactic technology as a branch of knowledge to face scientific research, whose responsibility is the generation and application of knowledge from the university environment. It concludes in the need to train researchers capable of the domain of investigative and competent to operate in any part of the world.


Technology; didactics; training of researchers; epistemology

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.32829/ges.v1i1.76


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