Disaster risk management in secondary education teachers in Chincha Province, Peru [Gestión de riesgo de desastres en docentes de educación secundaria de la provincia de Chincha, Perú]

Hernando Martín Campos Martinez


The objective of the research was to identify the levels of knowledge in Risk Management in teachers of secondary education in the province of Chincha. Basic research was carried out, descriptive level, cross section and non-experimental design. The population was constituted by teachers of educational institutions of secondary level of the city of Chincha. The sample size was calculated probabilistically, being constituted by 298 teachers from seven schools, between State and Private. A Questionnaire with thirty-three questions was applied. The results show a deficient level of knowledge about the prevention of disaster risks among the teachers of the investigated schools. It is concluded that the levels of knowledge of teachers facing earthquakes do not reach optimal or adequate levels, which is very worrying, considering that there is a high probability of occurrence of seismic events of high magnitude in the context of the Province of Chincha, as in the entire Ica Region.


Disaster risk management, teachers, secondary education

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.32829/ges.v1i1.77


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