Comparative study: Sex education in a 5-year-old infant: What do sex education infants know? [Estudio comparativo: Educación sexual en infante de 5 años ¿Que saben los infantes de educación sexual?]

Julia Lucia Cruzado Torres, Gladys Edith Condorchúa Bravo, Carlos Sixto Vega Vilca


The study is based on comparing the level of knowledge about sexual education that 5-year-old infants have from two different institutions in Lima, 2018. It had a quantitative approach, of a basic type, of a descriptive level with a non-experimental cross-sectional design, with a population of 100 boys and girls. An interview was applied as an instrument through a questionnaire of questions. The findings found were: in the first educational institution a value of 58.00 and for the second 43.00, in the same way the value of significance is equivalent to 0,00 < 0,05. Likewise, in the descriptive level analysis the results were in the "very much" the first institution a percentage of 100% and the second institution 70%, finding a difference of 30 percentage points, it is concluded that there is a significant difference between both institutions.


Sex education; knowledge; infant

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