Integration of women in agriculture in Cañete - Peru [Integración de la mujer en la agricultura en Cañete, Perú]

Bessy Castillo Santa María, Bertha Nancy Larico Quispe, Rubén Andrés Moreno Sotomayor


Women's work in the countryside is of great importance because it contributes to the economy of their people and their families from vulnerable areas, which require more attention from different institutions to improve their quality of life. The objective of this research is to determine the integration of the workforce of women in agriculture, through a questionnaire and semi-structured questions to women leaders dedicated to the agricultural sector and women workers who work in the field from the districts Imperial and Quilmana. As a result, the great growth potential of women and their contribution to food security, improvements in the economy were identified. On the other hand, these women are characterized by belonging to vulnerable sectors. Therefore, their participation in the labor force implies greater care and delicacy, especially in agro-export companies. With regard to gender equality, it is similar in work to that of men in agricultural activities, but with less income in wages. Therefore, women tend to contribute to the economic improvement of their rural family basket, being able to demonstrate great potential in labor development, taking on challenges in the face of poverty and inequality of opportunity, in the face of a state that emerges from mistrust and breach of agricultural public policies, which prevent professional development due to lack of economic resources in the rural areas of the Cañete Valley, Lima Region, Peru.


Integration, women, agriculture, economy

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