Impact of the Youth to the Work Program on the economic level of the Young Poor in the La Libertad Region

Ysabel Valverde Flores


The impact determination of the ‘Youth to Work’ Program on the socioeconomic level of poor youth in the La Libertad Region began with a diagnosis to analyze the situation of poor youth in the La Libertad Region. The short-term action plans for the ‘Youth to Work’ Program were determined, and the impact of the ‘Youth to Work Program on the poor youth was analyzed. Finally, guidelines for improvements to the ‘Youth to Work’ program were established based on a Proposal for Accompaniment and advice to run businesses, taking into account their mission, objectives and strategies of the program. The businesses undertaken correspond to 33% to production (Ready-to-wear clothes, candy- and piñata store), 41% to commerce (Food store and hardware stores), and 26% to services (Events and awnings, children's show, restaurant, juice business and hairdresser); 33% of young people increased investment in Education; 52% of the young people increased the investment in Housing; 45% of young people increased their investment in Basic Services. Of the sample taken 27 small businesses have identified 38 jobs at the beginning of business and after the impact assessment was determined 43 jobs, increasing by 42%.


Program Young people to Work, poor young, economical level, Impact

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