Evaluation of free and residual chlorine in drinking water of the district of Pativilca - Barranca

Ronald Rodriguez, Nicodemo Jamanca, Johnny Gomero, Hector Castro, Santos Celis


Samples were taken during one month in 12 areas of the district of Pativilca. Physicochemical analyses were performed by free chlorine and combined chlorine photometry methods. The results show that free and total chlorine have values below the maximum permissible limits, finding that 66.7% of the sampling points in the district of Pativilca do not comply with the minimum requirement of chlorine given by the General Directorate of Environmental Health of the Ministry of Health. The chemical quality of drinking water in the district of Pativilca, on average, is not within the standards assigned for free chlorine.


Water quality, drinking water, free chlorine, total chlorine

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.32829/sej.v2i1.62


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