Evaluation of the concentration of particulate material and its impact on the respiratory diseases of the workers of an artesanal smelting huarochirí. Lima


  • Walter Manuel Vicharra Universidad César Vallejo.
  • Carlos Cabrera Carranza Universidad César Vallejo.


Particulate Material, Respiratory Diseases, Artisanal Casting


The main objective of esta research is to determine the level of concentration of particulate materials of the size of 10 microns and 2.5 microns of an artisanal foundry, and to Evaluate the health in workers' respiratory diseases, as well as to find a relationship Between the particulate materials and the respiratory diseases, Which the project is located in the district of San Antonio, Department of Huarochiri, Department of Lima, Peru - 2017. The gravimetric analysis method approved by the General Directorate of Environmental Health DIGESA was used, with the Protocol for air quality monitoring and data management, to determine the level of concentration of particulate material and on the other hand Health Assessments in respiratory diseases Were used a survey made by a doctor in pulmonology, Which was Then backed by medical examinations performed on workers. It was Determined That the particulate materials of 10 microns and 2.5 microns Were above environmental quality standards, Which is Considered as risky for the health of people, and in respiratory diseases it was Concluded That some of the subjects of the population of study are With occupational diseases.


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