Movement´s detection of the view to generate orders [Deteccion de movimientos de la vista para generar ordenes]

Raul Huarote Zegarra, Yensi Vega, Monica Romero



This research article is based on the use of computational vision as a tool to detect orders generated from movements of sight, for this we must also discriminate when an order is made and when not, where processing is also used Digital images In a regular feature computer, the scheme created to generate visual orders in the Python 3.8.1 language will be implemented in software, taking as a test object the 100 orders generated with the view and taking this data for the respective tests. The generation of visual orders has been successfully achieved. The test carried out resulted in the sensitivity of 0.96, specificity of 0.98, positive likelihood of 48 and negative likelihood of 0.04. Take into account that the test of 100 attempts divided into 10 attempts by each person (5 left and 5 right) was performed.

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