The contribution of Global Engineering to the Society


  • Jhonny Valverde Flores


The Engineering is central to the well-being and economic development of the nations. Creative and dynamic, it evolves continuously to meet the needs of human civilization. Engineering turns science and technology into something tangible and useful to the society. It is applied in sector communication, entertainment, finance, healthcare; and in visible applications in construction, manufacturing and transport, which make human lives safe and convenient.
This journal will strive to continue delivering high quality and geographically balanced research articles on major topics related to science and engineering with two issue/year format. Both fundamental and applied aspects are equally represented by invited contributions from rising young scientists as well as more established ones from many different fields. Moreover the new science, knowledge, and applications being discovered and investigated, the public awareness, perception, and understanding of science and engineering is also of tremendous importance for the implementation and commercial success of such revolutionary technology.
With the journal of Science & Engineering we intend to pursue such an educational direction and sincerely believe the journal will contribute to a better understanding of an exciting new field of science and get large solutions to the society. Finally, all the authors, guest editors, referees, contributors, and readers are greatly acknowledged for their support and consideration for this journal.


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